The Features of Post 80s Generation

There are at least three features, if no more, about post 80s.
First, egoism, almost all of them are egoists, they don’t care much about others, they often self-centered, and they do things only for themselves. Because they are likely to have few siblings, they have to spend most of the time alone especially the in urban families in which parents are both breed-earner. They watched more television programs than any previous generations, spent the most time on BBS and chat room. With fewer time under the parents’ eyes, the often do what they want and on the spur of moment.
Second, vogue-goers, most of them want are fashion followers. Though they now just started work, or even supported by their parents. They often willingly to spend money on latest upgraded digital products, new arrived T-shirt and magazine about the style.
Third, rebel-like, the often think their parents’ life is miserable and want to live a life which have to be entirely different from their parents’. They often think their parents are old-fashioned and their opinions, too, out-of-date. So they do things which they think are more agreeable and favorable. And they don’t like to be “CONTROLLED” by their parents and “FREEDOM” is what they want.