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     Welcome! I am Abner Fan, a student in Guangzhou. I launch this blog because I thought our Chinese culture is so fascinating and charming, and it absolutely makes sense that to introduce it to foreigners.

    I also think we can build a better world if people from both East and West can exchange the ideas and values with each other. the East and West are so different that we can't understand each other in terms of culture and civilization. But a better understanding is so important because one can't take a blind eye on each other! rather, we have to live on co-existence. That's the only way out, and I think that is also the only solution imaginable to end the conflict and hostility in this world.

    This blog dedicated to explore the cultural resources and to offer a personal review and opinions on which people from both side of the world can find out something. It really helps me to leave a message asking a question or commenting a post, for that can lead me to think deeper and explore wider.

    You may copy or reprint the original articles posted here for any Non-commercial purpose with attribution and a link to the post(if you post in your blog or site), and the article shouldn't be rewrited or abridged

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