16th Asian Game torch relay in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center

Today,the torch relay for 16th Asian Game will begin in Higher Education Mega Center(a.k.a. University Town) within 20 minutes, is also the final leg for the game after the relay held in Haixinsha, the main venue. The host managed arranging a lot of celebrities(including Zhang Ziyi, the international movie star) for today's relay. The torch will firstly goes to Yang Yang, the first short track speed skating gold medalist in Winter Olympic, and the relay will finalized by Zhong Nanshan, who fought SARS in this southern province in 2003.

The torch relay will both begin and end in Guangdong Science Center, clock-wisely run through the outer ring of Higher Education Mega Center. totally 130 torchbearers will run up to 15 kilometers today.

The Official Mark of Guangzhou 2010 Torch Relay

Torchbearer:Yang Yang,Winter Olympic Game Gold medalist.

Torchbearer :Prasanth Prasadan Nair, three-time Asian junior rowing championship gold medallist.

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