Youtube is back after the meeting

    In China, it is common thing that the most excellent websites around the Internet are always end up blocked for some reason unknown (may be not). So we Chinese people have to live on with the GFW. May 4th this month we seen the Youtube blocked in China. I guess the only reasonable reason for this is that we are holding the most important meeting in China. For a long time we cannot visit the Blogger powered blog on the Internet. The is one still in blockage.

    After a brilliant blog blocked in China, someone warned the Chinese webmaster(in Chinese) not to register domain in China, for the .cn or domain are most vulnerable in web. Thank to the Google Reader, I can read some of the best blog from the outside world by subscribing the RSS feed. Like China blog host on the and which of course was blocked back in China. One thing annoys me is that some of the Blogger dont burn the full text of their post. I hope those Blogger offer whole articles in the feed. So people like me can read it, and there are lot of readers like me.

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