Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center

Today I wanna introduce to you the place I live and study. Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center("广州大学城" in Chinese, literally means Guangzhou University city). Here located ten Universities with my university included. The ten Univs are:
Sun Yat-sen University (The most prestigious one in south China)
South China University of Technology South China Normal University (Where I study)
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Guangdong University of Technology
Guangzhou University
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
Xinghai Conservatory of Music
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (HEMC) located at Panyu district, occupied the whole Xiaoguwei Island with an area more than 18 square kilometers, adjoining Guangzhou International Bio-Island, and accommodating up to 180,000 students and faculty. It ranks the first in China in terms of size.
With a total investment over 3,000,000 RMB to build it, it is also the most advanced, modern, and well-projected Education Mega Center through out the nation.

Convenient transportation, fast communication, high-tech facilities, bio-friendly and green environment make it the best place to learn and to work. Beside the ten campuses, a lot of places here are worth of visiting. The Science Center of Guangzhou which is adjacent with the University of Guangzhou offers you experience of excite as well as inspiration, the Lingnan Impression Garden is also an intoxicating place for you if you want know more about construction, custom and culture features of southern China. Not far outside the island, the Huangpu Military Academy which was set up by Dr. Sun Yat-sen at Changzhou Island attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from the whole world; it is a must-visit place in this city.

When comes to facilities, it also has a lot of things to show off. Each University has a newly-built stadium and library. In HEMC, what you need is just one card to dine in all ten campuses, to shop in all supermarkets, to take buses in the city, even to borrow books from libraries and to phone your family. Is it cool? In the center of the island lies a lake, and at bank of the lake stands a giant stadium, in which the 8th National University Game was held, still exciting, some events of the 2010 Guangzhou Asia Game also will take place here.

Many people deeply impressed by the beauty of this island, and find it a fantastic place to study for it is much quieter than downtown. So come and pay your visit here!

Here is what it looks like from the sky:

HEMC in Chinese.


7400 Yuan for teachers, that is really admirable

It's reported(in Chinese) that the teachers in Panyu district, Guangzhou, will have their salary to match that of the civil servant there in 2011.
The primary and high school education has long been a problem resulted from many issue such as the different treatment toward the numerous substitute teachers. They used to get by with lower salary and fewer welfare compare to the formally recruited teacher (mostly local residents).
Also in this report, the teachers in the countryside will be equally paid with their urban counterpart. This is a really a good news for many normal university students as their will seek a job as a teacher in Guangzhou (though is no easy).
For this, the local Government has to allocate 560 millions RMB from fiscal budget.
A teacher in Class