Graduates’ Attitudes toward Marriage and Love

General Intro of the Research
 Interviewees: Mainly Graduates from Literature School
 Time: 24th Oct-27th Oct
 Venue: Dormitory & Dining Hall
 Gender: 10 male plus 10 female
 Age : 23-28
 See Questionnaire
 Is not so Important, but still count.
 Most write “Accep-table” or “at least feel Comfortable to be with”

 General attitude:
 Male: Is better younger than me while 1~3 years younger is most favorable.
 Female: No younger than me, at least 1-3 years older than me.
 But one female and two male said is doesn't matter.
Education Background
Male Female
 Only if decent and righteous: 4
 Only if steady and lucrative: 4
 Only if it can support a family: 2
 Education: 2
 Civil servant: 2
 Doctor:1
 Finance: 1
 It doesn’t matter: 4
PS. There is no visible difference between sex on this issue
 Conclusion: making money is man’s business.
Family Background
 Close to mine:3
 No wealthy family: 2
 From a happy family:2
 Only if he is a money-maker:1(female)
 Just get by:6
 It doesn’t matter:6
No visible difference between sex on this issue.

 Man want a soft-hearted, kind generous and considerate wife.
 Woman want a humorous, mature, filial, responsible, reliable, enterprising, honest, kind, caring, great-hearted guy to her hubby.

Hobbies & Interests
 Both male and female want his/her spouse-to-be share the same interests with themselves. While in details, they choose as the graphic chart
When to get married ?
Sexual Orientation
 Luckily! No one in our interview want to marry the same sex! Not even to think of it !
Write down you requirement when you choose a male/female to be your spouse?
□ Appearance_ __ □ Education Background ___
□ Age ___ □ Occupation ___
□ Income ___ □ Family Background___
□ Character___ □ Hobbies & Interest ___
□ Ideal age to get married ___
□ Gender ___
Point out the four items which you think is most important by putting a “√” in the brackets.

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