150 TV programs fail and it bothers me not

150 TV programs including China Central Television (CCTV) in china have been cut for as long as 47 minutes by a satellite problem. It happened in Monday morning, when a malfunction occurred to Zhongxing 6B satellite. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television explained and also apologized for this disruption,see also.
As central radio and TV programs were transmitted through the Xinnuo 3 Satellite and the administration's special network, these programs were not affected, it said.

For me, this is not a problem as I rare watch TV broadcasted by the mainland china television station; those TV programs never attracted me, for they are always lack of creativeness and originality, be it Sitcom, Talk show and News (which always fooling the people). I once came cross a lampoon about those TV stations, says that one never have to worry about missing the interesting sitcom if you are in china for whenever you turn on the TV set, you are bound to find that at least three of them are broadcasting it, one at the beginning, one middle and one ending.
Personally I like watch the Phoenix TV, TVB and ATV from Hong Kong SAR on the Internet which can only be picked up in southern China (Guangdong Province etc).
Changzheng 3B sending the Zhongxing 6B satellite to the space

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