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    When always be blamed for offering music search services in China, the offered this service in China too. Everyone knows it is really a profitable business here. So do business this way too in China. People here have no sense of IPR(intellectual property rights). Many Chinese people don't use the search engine giant Google because some competitors offered more FREE resources in the search results. The hollywood blockbusters can be downloaded from the website with a link in search results within days after premiere in the theater. But Google has its own belief that make money without being evil.

    Now, in the Google search results I found music download links, see below:

    when clicked through:

     and even offered a hot list of music:

    Wait! The results are only link to only one We can either listen to the music online or download to our computer. This site claims that all the music offer online are legal and authorized. Here is its authorization announcement( in Chinese):

    The words in the picture translated into English would looks like below:

The (with a Chinese name means Giant Whale music network) tried its best to build a website on which we offers the legalized and authorized music for Chinese consumers. We make this announcement seriously that: All the musics on this site are authorized by the Copyright owners, but due to the information asymmetry, it's been very difficult in working up on a database which is Copyright clear-cut. So our company reiterate that if any third-party claims to be the Copyright owner of the music works offered here, please let us know, we'll try our best to protect copyright owners' rights and interests. Our gratitude gose to all the people with a passion on music,Thanks very much for your support.

    Whether the works on this site are really authorized unknown. But I had my confidence in Google (as claims itself as the exclusive company runs this service with Music Service). I take this as a favorable beginning.

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