A poem by Qu Dajun

Today I try to translate a poem written by Qu Dajun, a poet born in Guangdong province,Qing dynasty. He is a famous poet in the southern China. He and another two native poet was entitled: the three poem master of Lingnan.

Visiting the Green Bull Terrace on the Pengjin Mountain
         By Qu Dajun
By who the verdure of the lotus is carved,
On this peak stands a tower that is about to soar.
Mountains encaged the resting wild geese,
and the winding ranges took the shape of a gray dragon.
Sun shining on the sonw enmantled yellow river,
and bells ringing from the heaven palace.
Princes and lords forget to go home totally,
Green pines grows here eternally.

The original Chinese poem is here!

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Chinese poem is very interesting!

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