Three Musts When Traveling Guangzhou

Wherever you got chance to come to China, you have to visit Guangzhou, the most vibrant and energetic city in this country.However, Guangzhou is big city, if you don't want to miss anything exciting, read carefully.

You must see:

1. The city at sunset, viewed from the White Cloud Hills. There's even a traditional name for this sight: Baiyun Wangwan.

2. Rent a boat and see the lights of the city by night from White Goose Pool.

3. Dragon boat races on the Pearl River. Sure, the Dragon Boat Festival is a fixture in many Chinese cities, but in Guangzhou it's bigger, more colorful and more madly participated than anywhere else. May 5 in Chinese lunar calendar and it is coming soon.

You must taste:

1. Guangzhou dim sum (yum cha). Need we say more? Dim sum is a break-down-the-doors sensation in dozens of western capitals ... and it all started here. It doesn't get any better than this (except in Hong Kong!)

2. Guangzhou Roast Goose. A Guangzhou favorite, the goose goes through more processes than a silicon chip, but the result is sensational.

3. Sweet baked pork with honey juice. While its name suggests sweetness, this is a subtle delicacy in the true Guangzhou style, with none of the fattiness that puts some people off pork.

Must do after sunset:

1. Go bar-strolling along Binjiang Lu. This scenic entertainment strip, with its views of the Pearl River and its outdoor bars (perfect for Guangzhou's balmy climate) is the place to go for after-dark relaxation.

2. Go bar-hopping on Bai'E Tan. But be warned! This glitzy, high-octane precinct is only the place to go if the unexpected, the outrageous and the occasionally intolerable are all in a night's work for you.

3. Take in a performance at the Xinghai Concert Hall. Not yet 10 years old, this lovely space has legendary acoustics and an idyllic location on Ersha Island.

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Adnan said...

Gd job.Visit my site

SHUO said...

hehe,just came back from Ghangzhou to Shenzhen.I love Guangzhou.Shame that I hadn't got closed to it while have been lived in shenzhen for 20 years.

Abner Fan said...

SHUO:Next time when you are in Guangzhou, follow my guide and you will find out what i said here is absolutely right!

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