Go after money or for interest?

    When people are about to get themselves a job, two main factors are most considered. Go after money or just because love doing it. One chooses a job for a handsome paycheck whilst someone else enjoys doing what he/she loves.

When it comes to me, I’ll make the salary my priority and I’ll also show my reasons so as to make me less seemed like a greedy money-chaser or material-seeker.

    First, freedom, which is the most important, significant and magnificent thing we all chased and will chase in the future, only comes when you are financially free. I can’t bear the days in which I have to live up to someone else’s will because of not having enough money to free myself from the post or boss bored with some day. With money, we can choose the day and moment to leave any company without get one of my family members worrying about the living.

Second, we all got or will get a family to support, and as men, we should think the responsibilities before ourselves’ so-called interest even our felling. To be a responsible husband and a qualified father is more meaningful than to be a happy artist or singer or anything else.

Third, one can really enjoy what he or she like only when he or she got the money to free him /her from the bread issue. We can even say that the interest is for the privileged people.

In a word, I will give the money my priority because I don’t want to be cynical by claiming I don’t want that money to live a happy life while making my family worry about the bread things. Is my reasoning reasonable?

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